Want a great experience?  Become a Volunteer!

As a Substance Abuse Foundation Inc.  volunteer you will get the opportunity to give back to your community and contribute to our mission of helping addicted persons heal and return to leading healthy and productive lives.  You can volunteer either at Verdun House or Marina House.

We encourage you to join either our Clinical Volunteer Programme or our Administrative support Volunteer programme.  When you give of your time and talents you get the opportunity to enrich other people’s lives while providing you with deep personal satisfaction, personal growth and continued learning.

Initially, when I was told I had to undertake a visit at Verdun House to fulfil a course requirement, many questions arose in my mind. This might have been because I did not truly understand what Verdun House was about and how it related so well to the human being. However, visiting helped me to realise that Verdun strikes the intellect, transfigures emotions and restores the physical nature of the human construct, enabling him to become a person who lives (community centred) and not merely exists (selfishness). The life of inclusiveness and non-discrimination, where the community values and encourages each other, was unique and admirable. An institution where the experience was fearful yet fascinating, awed yet attractive, I was overwhelmed, but inspired.
— Dave, Bahamas

Please join the dedicated group of individuals who regularly share their time, energy and experience with our staff, clients and their families.  

Click here to download our "Volunteer Policy" document.

To become a volunteer please contact us to learn of the many ways you can assist:

Telephone: 246-433-3488

Email: volunteer@verdunhouse.com; volunteer@marinahousecare.com