The Marina House Scholarship Fund

 Why your gift to the Marina House Scholarship Fund


Addiction is a Disease of the largest human organ – The BRAIN!  The Marina House Scholarship Fund was created to provide direct help and hope to Women with Minor Children who cannot afford the cost of care but who need and deserve a chance to recover.

Your contribution will support the women of Marina House, a residential treatment centre was established by The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc.

Specifically, your donation will help mothers, often the pillars of Barbadian and Caribbean families, to access treatment and to continue their process of recovery and healing. 


Wellness Clinic 1903 v2_Verdun House.png
  • Support our efforts to make Barbados a healthier and safer for ALL.

  • Help a woman that you may never meet but who will be grateful for your support

  • Give a woman medical and psychological treatment

  • Provide educational and training opportunities to improve their chances of finding employment

  • Help bolster our Family Programme that identify how addiction destroys the family and wider social fabric of our society and restore relationships with their children and loved ones.

 By giving just ONE DOLLAR (or more) you can help save a life. 

 Please respond today – there is a woman needing your gift right now!


Use your Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App to support the Marina House Scholarship Fund today!

1.     Tap the “Send Funds Feature”

2.     Tap option “Send to App User”

3.     Enter Substance Abuse Foundation last 4 Card Numbers - ( 7014 )

4.     Enter Substance Abuse Foundation Cell Number – (12462313538)

5.     Tap Next

6.     Enter donation amounts

7.     You can enter reference e.g. Donation to SAF

8.     Enter your password to secure the transfer

9.     Once successful an  “OK” notification will be seen on your device

Click and view the video demo of the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App