The SAF is committed to the continuous enhancement of care that is informed by empirical data. To that end The SAF Research Initiative, established in 2015, has begun to systematically study our treatment programmes by analysing previously collected data and administering follow up questionnaires to alumni.

Past clients are interviewed about several different quality of life variables and length of sobriety. Concurrently, an in-depth investigation of the data in Verdun’s repository is being conducted in order to gain additional qualitative information.  The primary objective of our current study is to identify and isolate variables that correlate highly to positive outcomes.

The overall aim of The SAF’s Research Initiative is two-fold; (1) to conduct rigorous evaluation of our treatment services and (2) to become a major contributor to the body of addiction research coming out of the Caribbean.  The SAF’s research studies will produce data that will inform prevention efforts, early intervention strategies and treatment services. The contribution that would be made by The SAF will cross the fields of medical services, mental health care, school-based outreach efforts and adult addiction treatment. We foresee that the outcomes of our research initiative will have a significant impact in Barbados, regionally and internationally.

The SAF’s pilot study was accepted to be presented at the 2016 Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Health Research Conference.



The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc. in collaboration with community partners assists with providing relevant information that seeks to educate our various publics about the disease of addiction and its impact on the individual, family and larger community.