When individuals fall prey to addiction the family suffers as a result  

Do you have relatives or friends whose behavior causes chronic despair and disruption in their family, social or work relationships, as a result of the excessive use of alcohol or drugs? If your answer is “yes” then your love-one may be on the way to developing the disease of addition. This can happen to people of all ages and form all walks of life. The good news is that our experienced and professional staff can help you.

Clinicians often say that addiction as a family disease, but what does that really mean? In fact the people who are most often affected by addiction are not the addicts but the close friends and family. Those stand by the side of the addict through the darkest days of; suffering, insult, despair, and loss. Addiction is often the result of an individual trying to cope with some form id pain and in reality when it works it works very well. However, when the drugs and alcohol stop working the family and the addict a like witnesses some of the worse forms of behavior.

It is for these reasons that we have designed a robust family program that delivers approximately 10 – 14 family contact hours each month. Families are typically offered 4 hours per month of family therapy in addiction our monthly workshop series that provide 8 – 10 contact hours for clients and their families. Family therapy sessions explore the relational dynamics in order to resolve conflicts, while the monthly family workshop series provides valuable information about the disease of addiction and the treatment approaches used at our facilities.

Our programme is led by internationally trained, master’s level family therapist, and includes the following:

·         Individual and group therapy sessions

·         Family therapy sessions

·         Intense two-fay workshops

·         Post-treatment continuing care

Our experience, coupled with addiction research support the view that family therapy significantly improves the chances of the family and the addict being restored to wellness. For more information about the SAF Family Programme please contact us at:

Telephone: 246-433-3488

Email: family@thesafinc.com


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