Academic Training

Clients who qualify and who have expressed interest get the opportunity to complete unfinished academic programmes or to pursue new ones.  We have had clients who have returned to university, community college and vocational institutions to participate in adult educational programmes.


Caribbean Vocational Qualifications

The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc.  has partnered with the Training & Vocational Training (TVET) Council and the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) to offer clients the opportunity to pursue educational opportunities in a range of Competency-Based programmes.  We are a registered Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Assessment Centre and a Second Chance Institution.


Literacy Programme

Imagine how difficult it is to navigate life without the ability to read and write and using drugs as a way to get by.  For many of our clients being illiterate continues the cycle of drug use and hopelessness as jobs elude their grasp.

Our Literacy Programme provides opportunities for our clients to acquire the basic skills of reading and writing.  This create the foundation that is necessary to pursue skills training and further education and provide access to an alternative way of life for our clients which helps to break the endless cycle of shame and drug use. 


Critical/Soft Skills Training

We at The SAF understand the power of a steady job.  For many addicts it is much more than a pay check!  It is a chance to reclaim their pride and self-worth.  We help to make our clients job-ready by exposing them to critical skills that help them function in a job-like environment.  Our Micro-Businesses play a critical role in this process.   Our micro-businesses programme is first and foremost a therapeutic tool that allows our clients to enter into a work arrangement in a “safe” environment. These businesses provide clients with some income, in the form of a stipend, and create the opportunity to teach effective money management skills, sound work ethics and teamwork – life skills that are vital for those in recovery.


Workshops and Lecture Series

We have a functional living skills training component that supports our personal and professional training programmes.  This is aimed at helping clients with their personal aspirations, career and employment goals.