Do you have an adult family member, friend or employee with a drug or alcohol problem or other forms of addictions? Addictions can include food, gambling, shopping, work and sex. You’re probably wondering how you can help.

It is a known fact that alcohol, drugs and other forms of addiction can have a devastating impact on our workplaces.  The economic impact to organisations can be difficult to quantify or measure because often times these costs get hidden by general absenteeism, illnesses, poor performance, unnoticed lack of productivity or we simply turn a blind eye to the fact that substance abuse can be the cause of workplace accidents.   There is also the temptation to terminate the employee.  But we believe there is an alternative – that of seeking help and treatment for the employee. Let us help you.


Mental Health & Referral Services

Most individuals believe that they can overcome their addiction by themselves.  They often hold steadfast to the notion that they do not have a problem and if they admit they do, they believe that they can get help when the time is right.  This unrealistic expectation often leads to the addict continuing to abuse drugs, alcohol or another disorder, often breaking the promises to themselves and others that they will get clean or stop.  They spiral out of control and go down a road that often leads to low self-esteem, depression and further abuse.

We know and understand that too often the addict’s main preoccupation is getting high.  They really don’t always appreciate the damage that their addictive behaviour is causing on themselves or others.

Family members may try to help and often they become frustrated, disillusioned and angry because they find themselves in unproductive confrontations without real progress being made.   When this happens, outside help in the form of an intervention is necessary.  It may actually mean the difference between life and death.

Our intervention services provide help to the addict and his/her family with the goal of ultimately persuading the person to seek treatment.  Our intervention and referral services include:-

  • Uncovering the person’s addiction history
  • Analysing the severity of the problem based on the information that is provided
  • Getting the addicted person to accept the fact that there is a problem
  • Convincing them that professional help is needed to help them start the recovery process
  • Determining who will make up the intervention team
  • Developing a strategy that often involves navigating tricky waters
  • Keeping the event on tract
  • Making recommendations with respect to the various treatment options
  • Accompanying the addict to treatment following the intervention, if necessary


What is an intervention?

An intervention is a carefully and professionally directed process facilitated by a trained professional.  It is undertaken to guide and persuade someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol abuse to seek treatment in overcoming their addiction.  It usually involves family members, friends and others involved in the person’s life.  The process gently interrupts the negative spiral of untreated addiction.


Referring Professionals

Sometimes an individual may require residential treatment for their drug, alcohol or behavioural problems.  Thank you for considering us as a treatment option for your client/patient.  When you refer someone to us for help we will collaborate with you to ensure the admission, treatment and recovery process is seamless and efficient.