Drugs and alcohol misuse place a considerable toll on the human body.  In most cases a physical exercise programme that encourages fun and wellness contribute significantly in helping clients improve their mental discipline, self-esteem and alertness in early recovery.

Eating nutritious meals provide the energy the body needs to heal.  You will be provided with practical tools that you can apply while you are in treatment and when you return home.

The Health & Wellness Programme is facilitated by an experienced specialist in the fitness field.  It is designed to develop a basic level of fitness, strength and co-ordination among the participants.  Sessions involved group oriented exercise, body weight exercise, athletic drills to develop health and wellness.

Strength and co-ordination routines are employed regularly to ensure that clients exercise the full range of primary muscles.  We encourage competitive sports and games with emphasis on involvement and cooperation to lay the foundation for team activities on an organized scale.

When it comes to Recovery – Health and Wellness are critical to a life of sobriety!