We will continue to dream big dreams and take steps to see them come to light.  We will be ever hopeful and positive.  

With your help we plan to reach and help more and more people get treatment for their addiction so that they can return to our communities as healthy, productive citizens. Here are some of our initiative we have scheduled for the near future:-

  • Development of a Sober Entertainment Centre where clients and their families can go for recreation and to be entertained
  • Creating Sober Living accommodation where individuals in the early days of recovery from addiction can live.  Sober houses function as structured, safe and supportive living environment for individuals who are not yet ready to begin living on their own.  It is a healthy transition between treatment and their future lives.
  • Strengthening our community outreach services by providing education about drugs and other forms of addiction.
  • Continued development of our relationship with governmental agencies, other NGO's and the wider society
  • Establishment and implementation of an educational and research arm
  • Developing methodologies and materials of an indigenous nature which would better serve the clinical needs of our clients
  • Developing a knowledge base on addiction derived from our clinical experience as a reference centre for addiction professionals, educational institutions, government and the general public