Many organisations have Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) that seek to offer assistance to staff who have personal problems that adversely affect their health, well-being and competency at work.  This assistance comes in many forms but generally include short-term counselling and referral services. 

Within recent years, these services have expanded to include assistance that specifically address mental health issues such as emotional and occupational stress, depression, addiction etc.   More and more organisations are also establishing programmes to respond to the pervasive mental health problems that is responsible for the physical and emotional death of many in our communities and around the world.  They also seek to address the growing problems that are created by drugs, alcohol and other forms of addiction and the negative impact in the workplace.  

The economic impact to organizations can be difficult to quantify or measure because often times these costs get hidden by general absenteeism, presenteeism, illnesses, sick leave, unnoticed lack of productivity or ignoring the fact that substance abuse can be the cause of workplace accidents.

EAP programmes benefit employers by contributing to reduced absenteeism, higher employee productivity, saving careers, families and lives.

The substance Abuse foundation Inc. has responded to this phenomena by adding to its range of clinical services.  These services assist employers provide help their staff who may be experiencing challenges at home and at work.  Our services are provided by highly trained mental health and addiction therapists and specialists in this human services field.

Our services include:-

  • Mental health & wellness awareness sessions
  • Mental Health, Addiction& The Workplace awareness workshops
  • Occupational and emotional stress sessions
  • Grief and loss therapy and counselling
  • Alcohol, drug abuse and other forms of addiction counselling
  • Interventions and Referrals
  • Addiction treatment and rehabilitation services
  • Drug testing

For more information contact us at:-

Telephone: 246-433-3488