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The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc. (SAFI) is seeking ways to become more self-sustaining through the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Consistent with SAFI’s principles of being socially responsible, environmentally conscious and demonstrating high governance standards, this project will also improve the profitability of our social enterprise business operations and provide additional work opportunities for our clients.

In order to successfully provide treatment for substance abuse clients, Verdun House and Marina House, projects of The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc., need funding to effectively manage their operations and provide treatment for clients and their families who are in need.

Energy and utility costs are a significant contributor to our operation expenses.  Research has shown that the use of solar energy can greatly offset costs associated with electricity. Given our location in Barbados, this is the most appropriate energy type to harness because of the record days of sunlight that the island enjoys.


We have therefore started a campaign to raise USD30,000 to finalize the purchase and installation of solar panels at Verdun House.